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History of Maryland Beers

1703- Benjamin Fordham founds the first brewery in Maryland

1748- John Leonard Barnitz founds the first brewery in Baltimore, MD

1783- Thomas Peters founds the Peters, Johnson and Company Brewery with his father-in-law Dr. Edward Johnson

1812- Jonhson's Brewery burns down and is rebuilt

1813- George I. Brown purchases the Johnson brewery in an auction

August 10, 1813- Mary Pickersgill begins sewing the first American flag; The flag was created and finished in a tavern owned by George Brown, one of Baltimore's own brewers.

1818- Brown sells his brewery to Captain Eli Claggert

1892- William Painter invents the revolutionary Crown Cork - first form of bottle cap

1895- George Bauernschimidt becomes the largest brewer in Baltimore

1918-1933- Prohibition in Maryland

April 7, 1933- Globe Brewery delivered first post-Prohibition beer minutes after Prohibition was repealed

1935- American Can Co. of Baltimore first successfully cans beer

Present- Brewing is a passion alive in Baltimore today; Over 50 breweries have founded in Maryland since Fordham's brewery, over 5 still operate in Baltimore alone.