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Brown's Porter (Reproduced as Star Spangled Ale)

Take 6 pounds English Pale Malt, 2 pounds Amber Malt, 2 pounds Brown Malt, & 1/2 pound molasses. Let the water boil & put your wort into a Mashing tub. When the steam is gone off or so you may see your face, add your malt & after mashing is well done. Cover it with a blanket & let it stand 2 hours, then dry it off. Add hops as so; 2 oz of Fuggles and 2 oz of East Kent Goldings. Let hop for 60 minutes. Boil for three or four hours, or until the hops go sour. When boiled enough, let it cool a little, & add that with an appropriate amount of yeast. Put the rest of your wort in as it cools, which must be let in small amounts. Let it ferment till your yeast begins to sour, and then take from mash tub, put into a barrel, and stop your Barrel. Let it sit for 24 days to allow for refermentation.

Tasting Notes: A Baltimore classic that yields itself to the most flavorful beer of its time. Brown's porter boasts a robust yet creamy light body with flavors of chocolate, mild roastyness, and sweetness, unlike the historical London Porter's bitterness. The brief, yet important hopping process gives a hop aroma, which lends itself to the balancing the sweetness and bitterness. Overall, Brown's Porter lends itself as a beer of the 19th century but with a flavor profile far surpassing any others from the time period.

4.9% ABV

24 IBU's

1.035 OG